Musically adept, the band Palindrome excites fans since 2009 all over Europe. They supported bands like The Memorials (US), Screaming Headles Torsos (US), Dredg (US), The Hirsch Effekt (DE) or Panzerballet (DE). They are famous for their energetic live shows, where they electrify the crowd with their concentrated rock music. As well they enjoy sharing the stage with their other Austrian colleagues like Mother's Cake, Propella, Lausch, Milk+, Phi and others.
Rosa Nentwich-Bouchal (Vocals), Mario Nentwich (Keys), Jürgen Bauer (Bass), Tobias Faulhammer (Guitar), Paul Pozarek (Drums), Thomas Weber (Saxophone)

strange patterns

The new release of the Austrian sextett Palindrome "strange patterns" is a modern manifest of progressive rock in the year 2016. Highly complex compositions and arrangements compacted to an intense experience for the listener, which motivates to listen to it all over again. The haunting voice of singer Rosa Bernadette-Bouchal combined with the smoothly tangled sound of the band caters provide some epic moments, which are ruptured by brute riffs and billowing sound clouds

“Strange pattern” is a conceptual album with regard to content. Everything can be reduced to its patterns. Behaviour and gene sequences form the human being and determine its character. Those patterns create the complex interaction of what we call society. Nevertheless an anthropocentric approach is not sufficient for the band. Patterns develop even in both, the micro and macrocosm, and they have to be perceived and understood.


Profit vs. Womankind
Release 2009 / LasVegas Records
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bundle these last scattered synapses
2013 / Timezone Records
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strange patterns
coming 01.04.2016 / Panta R&E



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